Friday, December 10, 2010

Are My Standards Too High?

I just read a very inspiring blog about a 17 year old who has been blessed with what we both believe to be her one true love. Their relationship is amazing. Of course that post inspired me. Not only to post a new post on my blog but to smile at the knowledge that somewhere out there is my perfectly imperfect match waiting for me. YES, like I think I have mentioned before, I LOVE being single I really do but at times I wish I had someone to share my happiness with. Here's the thing, I tend to choose my closest friends to share this happinness of mine with, and this friendship turns to what my friends have called as me being too loyal...yes, too loyal. What they mean by that is that I put my friends before me and of course that is a great quality but it seems to set me up for disaster EVERYTIME. Im tired of giving my all to people that will not always return it. You see my way of thinking is that if I put "you" before me and "you" put me before "you" then we have created a safe haven. If only all the world lived this way :) So what Im saying here is that I think* I'm ready to create this safe haven. Im tired of hurting from caring too much...I love my friends so much and I understand that it's not their job to care as much as I do when what they are doing is looking for that safe haven too. This leads me to question my standards but this post has taken a different turn ;) I'll save that for my next posting.

With love always and forever,
Taya <3 ps. maybe now is the right time to change my title....nah

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