Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Her Standards

Now that I'm about to graduate with a BA Degree I have noticed that my standards are changing. YES, every girl should have their standards but there's always a limit. We don't want to get carried away and create a fictional man that no guy will ever live up to. I am 21 years old and eventhough all my friends seem to be getting married and having kids it's not what is strictly on my mind at this moment. I am a determined person; I want to be successful. I want my future husband to be successful too. I don't know whether my next boy friend will eventually become my husband therefore I can't take any risks...I want the men that I date to be educated. Going to college especially going away for college says a lot about the person. I want a guy that isn't only thinking about what parties they are going to on Saturday. Don't get me wrong, I love to go out on weekends with my friends and I have met so many people that are more work oriented than me but I want someone who is on the same page as me. This makes me wonder whether my standards are too high. I briefly talked about this with my best friend and she agreed that I am doing the right thing in looking for a guy that is at least about to graduate because that's where I'm at right now. Maybe she's just being biased :) Of course, there are exceptions like if this guy has started his own business without attending college. So what do you think? Am I wrong for setting these standards? Am I risking letting a good one slip away because of these standards?

With Love, Claudia G.

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  1. claudia! fall in love. live a little. expectations, expectations. so what? if he's right. he's right. love ya!