Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Have Loved and Been Loved

For this post I am going to assume that I have readers and that after reading my last post "What is L O V E?" you all are wondering whether I have been in love ") I know I seem to explain it in great detail below, but I have never been IN love. As my title reads, I have loved and I have been loved but I have never been IN love before. YES there is a difference, a HUGE difference. The word IN adds the commitment and the fact that the feelings are mutual.My description as to what is love is a combination of the love i have experienced and the love I hope exists. I think timing is extremely important and sometimes we simply have to get over ourselves and give those good guys a chance! I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we have all let a good one slip from our hands and then regret it later at least once before. On the next post I will share with you my biggest regret over letting a good guy slip away.

p.s. He knows who he is <3

Monday, March 29, 2010

What is L O V E ?

A while back, my friends and I were hanging out in my room, and one of them brought up the question “what is love?” and “How do you know you’re in it?” that question brought up a lot of different views, opinions, and ideas; but it’s all very vague. So now I sit here and ask myself, “What is love?” I am taking this opportunity to explain what love is to me.

The size of our Love, first of all, depends on the individual and how much we are willing to love. If I’m always too scared, worried, or cautious then I might just miss out on love, love in friendships, and love in relationships. I believe:

Love is putting someone before you, but not seeing it as being a bad thing.
Love is doing extra, simply to put a smile on that special someone’s face (even if you’re not there to see it.)
Love is wanting the best for them.
It’s feeling sad, when they are down, yet holding in your tears and pretending to be strong.
Love is giving without expecting to receive.
Love is a risk you’re willing to take.
It’s that smile on your face with only the thought of them.
Love is sharing, it’s caring, and it’s selfless.
Love makes all your problems disappear for a while.
Love makes hard times less rough.
Love is buying them your favorite CD before you buy it for yourself.
Love is deeper than deep. Love is warm and it is bright.
Love is a feeling hard to hide. Love is a war you are willing to fight. It’s a mystery you want to preserve. It’s an emotion you put on reserve. Love is your walls on the ground and letting your hair down.
Love is compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.
Love is a friend who knows you better than you do.
Love is a trend that will never end. Love is vast yet somehow grows.
It’s a garden full of happiness with room for more.
Love is time spent as one. Its moments remembered forever and always.
It’s a language cherished and shared. A hug just because.
It’s a desire for a happily ever after.
Love is a battle we fight to win, a feeling of success deep within.
It’s dreaming during the day and keeping your faith.
It’s waiting for him day after day.
Love is an inner conflict we choose not to overcome. It’s true and its fun. Love is a lesson we take and hold deep in our hearts. Love …is love!

If You Want to Be Called Men...MEN-UP!!

For relationships to work, it is all about compromise. BOys, Boys, Boys! they seem to be doing it all wrong. I know not all of them are the same...(this isnt to bash you all) but i have actually met guys that feel like they are losing their manliness when they take thier gfs to watch chick-flicks...seriously? Its only a movie and eventhough you may think they are sappy, we take them very seriously (i know not all girls do). Compromise...Communicate!! Two very important C's in any type of relationship. Something like lets watch "He's Just Not That Into You," this weekend and "X-Men" next weekend :) Or chick-flick today and football tomorrow. Its not that hard! Us women dont feel like we are losing our girliness when we watch X-Men or football,so boys...or should i say men :) Stop being sooooo dramatic!! Cant live with them...Cant live without them.

p.s. Dont get me wrong i have met men (the smart ones)that offer to take their gfs to watch these chick-flicks because they understand how happy it will make them. Awwwwww good job! These are the guys that end up pleased at night ;)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Hear Her

I hear her in tears as she pleads with him from the room next door.
I have heard it a million times before but not like this. Something deep in her voice is different. It is that of a girl coming to realization that this argument isn’t the same as all the others.This argument is leading to an end; an end which doesn’t include him.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Dont hate the player..."

If I had to describe myself in a couple of words, I would tell you that I am a girls, girl. I have a deep appreciation for women…why? You may ask. I was raised by a single mother and I only have one grandparent, my grandmother “Mama.” My girlfriends are extremely important to me and I am always careful to keep them in my life while I’m in a relationship. I have witnessed many girls make their guy the center of the universe and I don’t want to be that girl. I am 20 years old, currently not in a relationship but surrounded by best friends who are. I am that single friend that always manages to be “happy” when everyone else seems to be tired, frustrated, angry, sad and every other negative emotion you can think of…how do you do it? They ask…Quite frankly…I don’t know. I do keep myself busy and spoil myself just a little. I will admit that sometimes it is a front I put up because who wants to admit they feel miserable about the fact that everyone in the world seems to be in a relationship but them?! Being a third wheel is NEVER fun, but I do it because it makes my friends happy to see her boyfriend and best friend getting along. I do it for them.  When I put myself in their shoes I know I would want the same thing. In many situations I have found that I am that person looking from the outside in..in terms of their relationship. What I am trying to get across here is that I have many best friends who come to me for advice with their boy troubles and along the way I am uncovering this truth about “the game” that these boys don’t seem to cease from playing!
p.s. is it ironic that as I type this post the song “Foolish Games” by Jewel just starting playing on my iTunes which is set on random…