Monday, March 29, 2010

What is L O V E ?

A while back, my friends and I were hanging out in my room, and one of them brought up the question “what is love?” and “How do you know you’re in it?” that question brought up a lot of different views, opinions, and ideas; but it’s all very vague. So now I sit here and ask myself, “What is love?” I am taking this opportunity to explain what love is to me.

The size of our Love, first of all, depends on the individual and how much we are willing to love. If I’m always too scared, worried, or cautious then I might just miss out on love, love in friendships, and love in relationships. I believe:

Love is putting someone before you, but not seeing it as being a bad thing.
Love is doing extra, simply to put a smile on that special someone’s face (even if you’re not there to see it.)
Love is wanting the best for them.
It’s feeling sad, when they are down, yet holding in your tears and pretending to be strong.
Love is giving without expecting to receive.
Love is a risk you’re willing to take.
It’s that smile on your face with only the thought of them.
Love is sharing, it’s caring, and it’s selfless.
Love makes all your problems disappear for a while.
Love makes hard times less rough.
Love is buying them your favorite CD before you buy it for yourself.
Love is deeper than deep. Love is warm and it is bright.
Love is a feeling hard to hide. Love is a war you are willing to fight. It’s a mystery you want to preserve. It’s an emotion you put on reserve. Love is your walls on the ground and letting your hair down.
Love is compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.
Love is a friend who knows you better than you do.
Love is a trend that will never end. Love is vast yet somehow grows.
It’s a garden full of happiness with room for more.
Love is time spent as one. Its moments remembered forever and always.
It’s a language cherished and shared. A hug just because.
It’s a desire for a happily ever after.
Love is a battle we fight to win, a feeling of success deep within.
It’s dreaming during the day and keeping your faith.
It’s waiting for him day after day.
Love is an inner conflict we choose not to overcome. It’s true and its fun. Love is a lesson we take and hold deep in our hearts. Love …is love!

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