Monday, March 29, 2010

If You Want to Be Called Men...MEN-UP!!

For relationships to work, it is all about compromise. BOys, Boys, Boys! they seem to be doing it all wrong. I know not all of them are the same...(this isnt to bash you all) but i have actually met guys that feel like they are losing their manliness when they take thier gfs to watch chick-flicks...seriously? Its only a movie and eventhough you may think they are sappy, we take them very seriously (i know not all girls do). Compromise...Communicate!! Two very important C's in any type of relationship. Something like lets watch "He's Just Not That Into You," this weekend and "X-Men" next weekend :) Or chick-flick today and football tomorrow. Its not that hard! Us women dont feel like we are losing our girliness when we watch X-Men or football,so boys...or should i say men :) Stop being sooooo dramatic!! Cant live with them...Cant live without them.

p.s. Dont get me wrong i have met men (the smart ones)that offer to take their gfs to watch these chick-flicks because they understand how happy it will make them. Awwwwww good job! These are the guys that end up pleased at night ;)

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