Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Run In With the Ex Girlfriend

Bumping into one of your boyfriends or ex boyfriends ex girlfriends can be so awkward! It hasn't happened that many times to me, but when it does I feel extreme relief when I realize that I am dressed to impress! It's so funny how in a split second, the atmosphere changes and I am sure that the first thing that probably comes to both our minds is that guy that made the connection between us in the first place. Today I went to the movies with one of my bestfriends and noticed one of the ex girlfriends with her group of friends. We definitely stared each other down for what seemed like longer than we actually did. This ex girlfriend actually happens to be the ex of the guy I mentioned in my earlier post about my biggest regret. Yep... In hindsight, I would actually be considered the "ex" (quotes due to the fact that we were never official). She came after me and boy did she take him fast. I think it was two weeks after we decided things wouldn't work out between us and I went off to college that I found out he was in a relationship with her. Can you say HEART BROKEN? Yeah, that one was an ouch but what can I say, she was the smart one for not letting him slip away the way I did. I am happy to be able to say though that he and I are still friends and the mystery that the future holds keeps me grounded and full of passion.

Lots of Love- Claudia

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