Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Biggest Regret...

We have, for the most part, all been through a broken heart...whether we are the ones with it or the ones who caused it. Well, a little over two years ago I was introduced to a guy who I felt was "perfect" for me. He was sweet, we hungout all summer, and talked nightly. The one thing that slowly turned me off more and more, though, was his shyness....ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I have come to learn that 1. Most girls live in the future & 2. We are always trying to recruit husbands. Thing is, we arent perfect ourselves so why are we looking for a perfect guy? Those guys don't exist...& if a guy tells you he's perfect...RUN!! He is lying! So now that I look back I wish I wasn't so picky because all he would have needed was some time to gain a little more confidence and yes, THEN he would have been the perfect guy for me. My sister has always emphasized that regrets are useless since we can't change the past & she is right, but we can certainly work on our present in order to change our future. I can't believe that the one thing that ruined what I had with this guy was his shyness...it breaks my heart to even think about it today. We have both grown and been through our own experiences...and eventhough two years ago wasn't "our" time maybe it is now.

"The perfect man does not exist & I know that I'm not perfect...but I do know the I'm perfectly imperfect & that somewhere outthere, near or far, exists 1 or more perfectly imperfect matches for me." -Claudia G.

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