Friday, September 17, 2010

Half a Year Later....

I can't fathom the idea that as loyal as I was to my new up and coming blog,I without reason quit writing. Im back though & this time, I hope, for good!

Being the optimist that I am I of course can and will turn this 6 month hiatus into a positive. So here it is: within the last 6 months, I turned 21, which of course opens up an entire different "world" for me...a lot has happened in these 6 months and I will gladly share how it has and hasn't changed my views on this so called game we are all willing or unwillingly a player in. I will begin filling you in with what's been happening starting in my next post & I will be sure to include that "regret" I mentioned in my previous post :) I promise.

Get ready to enter the mess that my love life seems to represent and join me on this journey to find true love!


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