Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Little Girl and Her Kite...

It's a constant battle!!! What do we listen to??? They say follow your heart but when you do, your mind is trying not to laugh or say I told you so....It's like our minds are the child (grounded) holding on to that kite (our heart) as tight as we can.

Yet almost EVERYTIME it gets tangled in the smallest of trees...or the wind blows and it becomes uncontrollable...or a storm comes in tearing it apart slowly or instantly at times. The string is the connection, the camraderie between our minds and our hearts...the compromise because without it, there is no kite for the child to fly...without the child, the kite will remain unflown...The child controls the length of the string....or so we think since kites always seen to take a life of their own...& the unpredictable weather is our love life.

Every child hopes for those handful of kite flying memories that outdo the rest... & every child hopes that we can keep that kite flying at the perfect height in the perfect weather forever....

-LOVE! Claudia

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