Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Forbidden Love

That's just life isn't it. Yesterday I happened to watch two movies, an older one and a very recent one. I am the biggest fan of romance movies, they are my favorite! I know that they all follow the same story line, THE FORBIDDEN LOVE...I'ts what makes the story interesting. The writer builds up the viewer to believe that all that girl/guy really needs to succeed in the pursuit of happiness is that other main character. All they need is love & once they have it, everything else falls into place. Forbidden because of choice, class, family background, life's obstacles etc. The viewers are pretty sure that 98% of the time there will be a happy ending, but we never get tired of watching it happen.

Why? Perhaps because it is exactly the ending we are longing for. Eventhough it's crazy to hope for our handsome knight in shining armor to gallop his way towards us with roses in his hands we long for simply that feeling. (no knight or horse needed)

My forbidden love is the one I let slip away 3 years ago. I knew the second I called him my friend that I was regretting every word spoken from my lips. In my case I think timing more than anything is forbidding me from being with him. I continously and strongly believe that we can't possibly go through an entire life time without trying "it" out. That would simply be a waste....a possible love story wasted. We have too much in common, too much desire for the other to let it pass us by. I just hope that one day soon he'll realize that I was mistaken, I was scared.

All my love- Claudia

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