Sunday, March 27, 2011

Falling Doesn't Mean We Have to Stop Learning.

I'm the girl who learns from seeing mistakes happen around her. My friends' experiences, especially with guys, either teach me something or simply scare the heck out of me...I haven't figured out which one it is yet.

(But) Even smart girls fall into the traps these boys don't seize from placing. It happens to the best of us ladies. It's what we do when we realize we've fallen for the wrong one that counts.
Take Carrie Bradshaw for example, a journalist who wrote a love column for the New York Newspaper. She learned from her mistakes, would experience heart ache but took something from every relationship, fling or one night stand she had. THAT's the way to do it. IF WE ARE GOING TO FALL, WE AT LEAST HAVE TO MAKE IT WORTH THE TIME IT TOOK TO GET UP.

XOXO Claudia G.

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