Thursday, February 3, 2011

So There's This Boy....

Lets not get too excited here! If anything the excitement in me comes from the fact that it's a new boy :)

My major in college is made up of mostly girls. I'm not exaggerating! Having 3 boys in one class is probably too many! So I often wonder, where am I going to meet a new guy?! I'll give those details later. We havent officially met but he seems like a really good and smart guy and we've been texting and chatting (IM'ing) a lot...I tend to get ahead of myself in these cases so I need to take it easy and just let things flow.

I'll fill you in just a little for now. He likes art and photography. He attends a university near mine. He is from a city near mine. His name starts with the letter J & he is soo cute! You might be wondering....J?? Yeah, I have a thing with guys with J names, it's crazy :) I'll be sure to update you, but like I said this is the very very very beginning of our friendship. Who knows what lies ahead...

Love! -Claudia

*Note: The above picture is not mine. I googled it, it originates from the International Christian Fiction Writers Blog!

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